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Mongolia on my mind…

By Neil Pederson

with the 2010 field season off & running, Mongolia has started moving to the front of my mind. it has been fun and exciting to witness the spirit in which young Mongolians blend new and traditional culture. one of the best examples of this so far is the folk rock band, Atlan Urag. the instant i first heard a recording of theirs, i was completely captured. when i heard how they incorporated traditional singing and instruments with western and modern musical stylings, i was completely hooked. the live performance, including throat-singning in a rocking song, is mind blowing:


“It’s like…so continental”

By Tom Saladyga & Cari Leland

Fieldwork continues in the forests north and northeast of UB…

Evidence of livestock is usually present at each site, but this time we were not phazed whilst cattle grazed.

A fire in early summer 2009 scorched a wide swath of forest north of UB.

Coring Larch in the aforementioned burned swath.

Winter camp near one of our sites in the Khentii Mountains.

Day and nighttime temperatures during this week’s fieldwork were strikingly different than last week.  Extreme daytime heat (95F) gave way to cooler nighttime temperatures (40F) this week spurring Cari to comment so incitefully on the continentality of Mongolia.  Indeed.