Monthly Archives: June 2009

less than one week

the initial field effort of our investigation of 400 years of climate, fire and forest history will begin in less than one week with Peter’s & Tom’s arrival in UB. i will arrive in a tad under one week from the time i am typing this message. Amy will be arriving just a few days after my arrival.

this will be an exciting summer of field work as we make a push due north from UB to get initial data on long-term, regional scale fire history and a few more climatically-sensitive tree-ring records. this region is one that has been not as heavily explored by MATRIP, the Mongolian-American paleoclimate research conducted by the Tree Ring Lab of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and the Tree-Ring Laboratory in the Department of Forest at the National University of Mongolia.

we will post periodically throughout the summer to update our progress.